What is 'Xả kèo'? Things to know & tips for releasing stress from an expert

What is 'Xả kèo'? Things to know & tips for releasing stress from an expert

Xả kèo' is a common question for many players when participating in betting at bookmakers. Let's explore and apply it scientifically to minimize risks when gambling.

What is 'Xả kèo' in football betting?

Play off" (cash out) is a feature that allows players to adjust their placed bets by withdrawing a portion or all of the bet amount. This is a new feature that has recently emerged in online betting activities.

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In football, the play off feature attracts the attention of many bettors. Understanding cash out and its nuances helps minimize the risk of heavy losses for inaccurate best winning prediction app download. Cash out offers the opportunity for bettors to buy back their potential gains/losses for a certain amount of money. Depending on the assessed potential by the bookmaker, the amount could be less than, equal to, or greater than the initial bet amount.

The meaning of 'Xả kèo' in football betting

By placing cash-out bets, players have a second chance to adjust their betting decisions. This special mechanism helps minimize the maximum risk associated with betting.

In the initial bet, players predict the outcome based on their subjective assessment of the teams' abilities. With cash out, bettors have a period to monitor the match, making decisions that are more practical and accurate.

When the situation changes unfavorably, players can still preserve a portion or all of their capital if they cash out at the right time. Avoiding losses is no longer a haunting concern for bettors every time they engage in betting.

Through cash-out bets, players can calculate and manage their capital effectively. Consequently, the total accumulated profit gradually increases through each betting round.

Of course, cashing out also has some limitations. Being too perfectionist can lead players to easily abandon opportunities to receive substantial profits right in front of them with regret.

Types of 'Xả kèo' – What are the criteria for classifying 'Xả kèo'?

Based on certain criteria, cash-out can be categorized into different types. Currently, in the betting market, the following common cash-out forms are available:

1/ Based on the winning odds

The odds of a bet change according to the course of the match. The outcome may not align with the bettor's initial predictions.

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Regardless of the likelihood of winning or losing, cash-out can occur:

Winning cash-out: The bookmaker is willing to buy back the bettor's ticket at a price of 70% or more, or even equal to the profit when winning. With a mindset of taking guaranteed profit, bettors may want to sell if they fear that the match could have unexpected changes in the final minutes.

Losing cash-out: Based on the players' confrontation situation, the bettor assesses that the bet has a high likelihood of failing. To salvage some of the money at risk, the bettor sells back the bet ticket and receives a certain amount from the bookmaker.

2/ Based on the scope of cash-out

Depending on the assessment of the likelihood of failure, bettors can cash out a portion or all of their bet amount.

Partial cash-out: The bet amount is divided into two parts: one continues the bet with the original odds, and the other is cashed out by olbg.com. In this case, the original bet ticket continues with a modified bet amount.

Full cash-out: The bettor sells the entire bet ticket back to the bookmaker at the predetermined play-off odds. Depending on the bookmaker's assessment of the potential outcome, the bettor receives different amounts.

Guide to reading 'Xả kèo' in betting

Cash-out is a commonly used method in competitive professional tournaments. In football, this is a special type of bet that garners significant interest from bettors.

1/ The easiest guide to understanding cash-out

Similar to other conventional bets, play off also has corresponding odds. The odds explain whether cashing out in football is favorable or unfavorable for the previous bet.

Odds reflect the bookmaker's prediction of the bet's winning likelihood. Typically, if the bet has a high success rate, the bookmaker offers high odds.

Conversely, for less favorable bets, the cash-out odds are always low and constantly fluctuating.

Depending on the cash-out method, the calculation of cash-out when placing a bet will vary:

Partial cash-out

Amount received when cashing out = ((initial odds / cash-out odds) x desired withdrawal amount) - desired withdrawal amount.

2/ Examples of cash-out betting

Example: In the match between Malaysia U23 and Vietnam U23, the bookmaker offers corresponding handicap odds of 1.09 and 0.71. You placed a bet of 1,000,000 VND on Malaysia.

If your prediction is correct, the player's profit = 1,000,000 VND x 1.09 = 1,090,000 VND.

During the match, the player assesses the likelihood of the bet failing and wants to withdraw 600,000 VND. At this point, the bookmaker offers cash-out odds of 0.75.

If deciding to sell a portion of the bet, the amount received when cashing out for the bettor = ((1.09 / 0.75) x 600,000) - 600,000 = 272,000 VND.

>> See more: football odds analysis: Unveiling Predictions through Odds Analysis

Full cash-out

Amount received when cashing out = ((initial odds / cash-out odds) x Initial bet amount) - Initial bet amount.

Example: In the dramatic match between BK Hacken (home team) and Aberdeen (away team), the bookmaker opens handicap odds of 0.94 and 0.90 respectively. The bettor placed a bet on the home team with a capital of 1,000,000 VND.

If the result is correct, the player receives a reward = 0.94 x 1,000,000 = 940,000 VND.

The bookmaker opens a cash-out bet with a play-off rate of 0.53. If cashing out in full when assessing the unfavorable direction of the match, the player will receive = ((0.94/0.53) x 1,000,000) - 1,000,000 = 773,585 VND.

Effective experiences in playing 'Xả kèo'

Effective betting is not something you can master overnight. Enhancing your predictive abilities and accurately seizing opportunities based on the following cash-out betting winning tips can help.

1/ Consult cash-out predictions from experts

Seeking reliable sources for consultation before cashing out is essential. Throughout the match, the real situation of the teams is always discussed and evaluated in detail.

With extensive experience and deep understanding of football, experts provide objective and insightful comments. Bettors can consider these to assess the winning odds of the bet.

2/ Participate in a maximum of 2 matches simultaneously – Cash-out and efficient play

For accurate cash-out, players must spend time monitoring the match's developments. Every tactical adjustment or player substitution directly affects the match's outcome.

Engaging in multiple bets at once can distract bettors. It's best to only bet on 1 or 2 matches at a time to timely seize suitable cash-out opportunities.

3/ Decisiveness in decision-making – Effective cash-out betting strategy

Being overly perfectionist in every bet, including cash-out, leads players to miss out on many money-making opportunities. Decisiveness in making cash-out decisions when determining that the placed bet is at risk of failing is necessary.

Cash-out odds are always fluctuating and decreasing as the outcome is about to be revealed. Hesitation and waiting result in the capital salvaged from cash-out being nearly negligible.


Insights into what cash-out is and hot football tips 1x2 are valuable information for players to effectively manage their capital. Using bets wisely to minimize losses when participating in betting.

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