How much is the ratio 1-2? How to calculate the cost of the 1-2 ratio meal?

How much is the ratio 1-2? How to calculate the cost of the 1-2 ratio meal?

How much does the 1-2 score pay? Many newcomers have asked us this question. In this article, we will compile all the relevant information about correct score bets and the detailed calculation of betting money. Especially, how much does the 1-2 score pay? Let's follow along with us!


Information about the correct score bet

Betting on goals can be understood as players placing bets on the outcome of a football match. The scale of the victory is calculated based on the probability provided in the prediction win table.

In football betting, the outcome is a crucial factor. The odds are usually estimated today with a simple bet. Therefore, the number of people participating in this betting is very high. You win the bet if you correctly predict the outcome of the football match. Conversely, if the prediction is incorrect, the bet is considered lost.

How much does the 1-2 ratio pay?

To help players understand football scores better, the betting website provides calculations for the two most popular types of bets today: European odds and Asian odds. These two types of bets have different gameplay, so naturally, the calculation of the amount you win is also different:

How to calculate the correct score bet in European odds

The European odds, also known as 1×2, are calculated similar to fractional odds in football betting.

For example, if you decide to bet on the Vietnam - Indonesia match with a score of 0:0. After the match ends, if the result is a draw 0-0, then you win the bet.

The calculation of the winnings is as follows: If your bet is $1 and the odds are 10/1. So your winnings are: 1 x 10/1 = $10. This is the amount you will receive without considering the amount you bet.

How to calculate the correct score bet in Asian odds

The Asian Handicap, also known as Asian Handicap, provides a column of odds for each bet, making it easy for players to calculate their bets. At different points, your betting odds will vary.

For example: In the match between Vietnam and Indonesia at the 2019 Sea Games, if the score of the two teams is 0-0, the odds are 9.00. So, if you previously bet 0-0 with $1, you will win the bet with a prize amount of: 1 x 9 = $9 (subtracting $1 bet).

Similarly, if you bet $2, the winnings would be: 2 x 9 = $18 (after subtracting the $2 bet, your profit would be $16).

Considerations when betting on football scores

Although this point-scoring method may seem simple and the potential winnings enticing, players must not be complacent when participating in betting; you must have a clear winning strategy.

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If you are new to betting, it's advisable to wager with a small capital to accumulate experience and achieve a high winning rate. In football betting, this is considered a highly effective and quick strategy.

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Experience in betting on correct score bets

Scoring is one of the simplest ways to bet and score points. However, at the same time, it is also one of the most unpredictable betting scenarios. To place the most accurate bets, consider the following experiences of betting players.

Choosing suitable matches

Choosing the appropriate bet when placing bets on matches is crucial. It's advisable to sel ect matches between evenly matched teams, matches fr om important tournaments, and decisive halves.

These matches often have fewer goals as neither team wants to risk an unfavorable outcome, leading to more strategic and intense gameplay.

Considerations when choosing the betting option

When selecting a bet, you should consider the handicap probability to determine which team is stronger and which team is weaker in order to make the most accurate prediction. After carefully analyzing the match situation of the two teams, you choose the A-B bet, meaning if the predicted result is 2-3, you should also consider the 4-6 bet to increase your chances of winning.

Following expert analysis articles

Before each match, there are usually many comments and predictions fr om experts in this field. Therefore, if you are inexperienced in betting, you can read and familiarize yourself with these articles.

Score predictions are regularly updated by reputable bookmakers, sports betting websites, social media platforms, etc.

Choosing reputable bookmakers

Choosing a reputable bookmaker to participate in is one of the 'blood and bone' experiences of many football players.

Because these players have encountered cases wh ere bookmakers deceive players, there is a risk of information exposure when playing with unprofessional bookmakers.

Choose the bookmakers that many players choose to participate in football betting safely.

The article above has been meticulously compiled for readers. Surely you will find answers to your doubts and questions.

How to calculate the payout for correct score betting. Hopefully, this article from sportytrader will help you understand how to place bets, where you can win, and trust in your predictions to secure victories.

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