Football Bets to Avoid to Prevent Losses

Football Bets to Avoid to Prevent Losses, Football Bets to Avoid to Prevent Losses

Understanding which football bets to avoid is crucial for bettors to prevent unnecessary financial losses. In the world of online sports betting, a variety of football bets with different odds are offered by bookmakers. However, not all bets guarantee easy victories. In this article, we will highlight and provide insights into the types of football bets that one should avoid to make informed decisions while betting on reputable m88 sportsbook betting platforms.

Why Some Bets Should Be Avoided:

In m88 bet sign up sports betting, especially football, bookmakers introduce various types of bets such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under, and Correct Score. Each bet comes with its own set of rules for determining wins, losses, and corresponding payouts tailored to the preferences of individual players. However, there are certain bets that carry a high risk of loss due to the lack of substantial grounds for prediction and analysis. The primary reason to avoid certain bets lies in the significant potential for financial loss when deciding to invest.

Identifying Unfavorable Bets:

Some key characteristics of bets to avoid include:

High enticing rewards that attract players with the promise of quick riches despite a small initial investment.

High potential for failure due to limited grounds for accurate prediction and analysis.

Non-mainstream bets, deviating fr om popular and familiar bets like Handicap, 1×2, OU (Over/Under).

Types of Bets to Avoid:

First and Last Goal Scorer Bets:

Predicting the first and last goal scorers requires extensive experience and knowledge. It is challenging to accurately predict which player will score first or last, considering the unpredictability of football matches.

Throw-In Bets:

Betting on the team that will be awarded the first throw-in or predicting the total number of throw-ins is challenging due to the frequent occurrence of throw-ins during a typical football match.

Additional Prop Bets:

Additional bets such as goal scorer bets, dominant team bets, and margin of victory bets should be approached with caution. These bets often come with high risks and varying odds.

Avoidable Odds:

In addition to specific bet types, certain odds should also be avoided:

Tempting Odds:

Odds that seem too good to be true often indicate potential traps set by bookmakers to lure players into losing positions.

Rapidly Changing Odds:

Bets with odds that frequently change within short periods may be difficult to analyze and are best avoided.

Unreasonably Large Odds:

Be wary of bookmakers offering unusually high odds, as these may be attempts to attract players while increasing the risk of losses.


Bets on Lesser-Known Leagues:

Betting on matches from less popular leagues with limited information can lead to insufficient analysis, making it challenging to make informed decisions.

Choosing pre-match bets based on team rankings is a valuable experience in sports betting. This approach is simple yet highly effective, as the current ranking of a team on the standings is a clear indication of their form and class. While anything can happen in football, teams with higher rankings are generally more likely to win compared to those at the bottom of the table.

Therefore, when analyzing the odds for a match wh ere there is a significant difference in rankings and form between the two teams, it's advisable to place your bet on the stronger team. However, for weaker teams, it's essential not to opt for overly handicapped bets. Careful consideration is crucial, especially around 30 minutes before the match begins, as placing bets too far in advance may lead to a decrease in handicap odds from 1 to 0.75.

Relying on real-life facts for betting decisions is crucial. Many bettors heavily depend on sports news websites that provide pre-match analyses and evaluations. However, it's important to remember that not all the information received is 100% accurate. Some articles may be subjective or biased, possibly favoring bookmakers.

To gain the most objective view of a match, it's vital to research real-life situations. Evaluating the current form of both teams, knowing the expected line-ups, understanding the injury status of key players, and recognizing the significance of the match are essential factors. For beginners in sports betting, this might be challenging initially, but with persistence, one can develop the ability to make accurate conclusions like an expert.

Choosing the right time to place bets is also crucial. The odds are constantly changing, and this affects the potential winnings. There are times when odds are high, but they can quickly decrease. Therefore, regular monitoring is necessary to choose the most suitable betting time.

Ideally, checking the odds table 4-5 hours before the match and paying extra attention 30 minutes to 1 hour before kickoff is recommended. During this sensitive period, observe the fluctuations in odds and potential winnings. According to experts, the optimal time to place bets is within the 4-5 hours timeframe each day, as this is when odds are particularly favorable.

Consideration of the type of odds is another important aspect. Online bookmakers offer various types of bets, such as Asian handicap, over/under, goal handicap, and more. While these options add excitement to the game, it's advisable to choose simpler, less risky bets. Many find Asian handicap bets less complicated and lower in risk. On the other hand, over/under bets are easy to understand but have fewer betting options.

For Vietnamese bettors, the 1x2 (win, draw, lose) bet is often considered the most suitable as it only requires predicting the outcome of the match. Despite this, it's crucial to analyze and understand the different types of bets available, eventually finding the one that suits your preferences and strengths.


To protect your betting capital, it is crucial to avoid certain types of football bets and m88 casino bonus codes odds. By recognizing and steering clear of high-risk bets, bettors can enhance their chances of making successful and informed wagers on reputable online sports betting platforms.

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